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Review of Alexis Park All-Suite Resort Hotel

Alexis Park All-Suites Hotel Review, Las VegasThe Alexis Park All-Suite Resort Hotel to give its full mouthful of a title, states that they are the only non-gaming hotel in Las Vegas that is suite-only and whilst we have visited most hotels in Vegas, we cannot confirm or deny this claim. Only a couple of miles from McCarran International Airport, the 'resort' is just two blocks away from the strip which is a mere 10-15 minute walk, so if you want to go and have your head mashed by the million lights on the strip after a calming night's sleep at the Alexis, it won't take you too long to do so. With the Hard Rock Cafe/Hotel just across the way, entertainment, whether that be gambling, watching sports, eating or dancing with some of the most fun-filled tourists in Sin City is also an option. For business people or those who have done too much partying during their vacation, the more sober alternatives of the Desert Research Institute, Thomas and Mack Center and the University of Nevada and Atomic Testing Museum are all in close proximity.

The tranquility is very welcome after a busy day gambling or attending an event at a convention center.

Entering the hotel building, you find yourself in a big entrance hall with a long reception desk on one side and a mini market with souvenirs and gifts on the other side, which is pretty normal for hotels around the US, but in Vegas, just feels a little, well, strangely 'normal'. You'll see the businesspeople around the lobby and in the restaurants, alongside families and older folk, with fewer 'typical Vegas tourists' than in places such as the Bellagio, Luxor and so on.

Alexis Park Hotel, Las Vegas.
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Guests in Alexis Park can dine in the quaint Alexis Gardens bistro, an airy restaurant with a nice view of a pool and shrubbery in the courtyard, which does feel like a world away from the strip. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as you would expect with complimentary buffet as is typical of such venues - think 'nice hotel in Dallas on a business trip' and you will get the picture. The Pegasus Bar & Grill is little more than somewhere to eat a snack or take a drink when energy is too low to hit the town - nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't set the world alight.

Alexis Park Hotel is a 3-star property located off the Vegas strip. Opened in 1984, it is thirty-two years of age. Having five hundred rooms it's not one of the largest in Vegas

We were surprised to know that there are almost 500 roomy suites, with the lower-to-medium quality suites available at really great rates, as opposed to the higher-end rooms, which we think are maybe just a little too expensive considering the abundance of rooms available in every direction, but we did like that we can take Bromley and Bella, our beloved puppies should we visit again. The rooms themselves are equipped with standard to good amenities such as minibar, TVs, desks, coffee maker, refrigerator and even a bed - yes a bed - comfortable beds at that. The bathroom was decent enough, nothing to complain about, although we have since read a few complaints on Trip Advisor about this aspect in particular. Again, think of the Alexis Resort as a typical, decent quality hotel that you would stay in around the country, rather than as a typical Vegas hotel that you see in the movies. Some of the rooms (not ours) have great views of planes landing and taking off, which again, gave a very welcome 'non-Vegasy' feeling to the time that we did spend in the room.

For the record, we spent our time at the Alexis in a Majestic Suite, which is mid-range among their offerings. Regal Suite is their best type of suite if you're wishing to splash the cash from your latest roulette adventure.

Alexis Park Hotel is listed #1 in our most underrated Las Vegas hotels guide.

As there were lots of businesspeople around during our stay, we saw that the gym was used quite a lot, but there was lots of room in the pools for us to spread our water wings, which is not always possible in swimming pools of hotels on the strip. Usual fitness/leisure amenities such as cabanas, saunas and massages were easily found and seemed in demand. When businesspeople staying in hotels are not hogging the gym, or drinking strawberry daiquiris, they're sending emails or doing 'business stuff' - and there was certainly lots of that going on when we tried to spend time in the business center for a day - the hotel seemed like a hotspot for a local convention that was going on during our time there. For that matter, the internet was surprisingly good quality - we always expect the worse from hotel WiFi, so it's always a pleasure when it just works.

For those of you that like some decorum when you stay in a hotel, even tho it doesn't state too strongly, the hotel obviously doesn't like bachelor or bachelorette groups staying there and if you're a non-smoker like us, then the smoke-free policy is a plus point, to say the least.

Overall, if we're honest, the thought of staying in a non-Vegas style hotel didn't thrill us before we arrived, but we genuinely enjoyed the non-Vegas moments in the hotel, knowing that we were just a few minutes away from the beautiful madness that is the strip. Going to Vegas on business in the future, rather than pleasure, the Alexis Park Hotel has definitely become much more of an option than we would have previously thought.

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Rating ★★★☆☆

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