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A review of the Aria Las Vegas Casino and Hotel

Aria Hotel and Casino ReviewOne of MGM Group's flagship hotels, the Aria Las Vegas hotel and casino has over 4000 rooms which includes the very elusive and much-talked about Sky Suites.

Having stayed at the Aria Las Vegas once twice now, we can say that amenities are its thing and you can tell that they were planned, rather than crammed in through poor design skills that you see at some other casinos close by. The nightclubs, bars, and restaurants make for a great night without ever having to leave the resort, which I have to admit I have done a couple of times - it's a great feeling being able to walk from a nightclub to get something to eat without your shoes on!

Aria Las Vegas is a 5-star resort positioned on Las Vegas Boulevard. Opened in 2009, it is a mere seven years old. Having four thousand rooms, it's known for being one of Las Vegas' biggest hotels and Aria is an unordinary hotel - I heartily recommend it.

The casino is huge and I really like the layout - and the poker room was very kind to me indeed (sorry Mr. Big Cheese from Pittsburgh, but when you have a pair of threes against aces, well it's always going to win, right?).

Eating here is pleasant with Aria restaurants and Aria buffet highly regarded by us. Aria breakfast choices are decent too.

Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
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If you like the Aria, you would also like Cosmopolitan, Wynn, Encore, Bellagio, Mirage, Four Seasons, Nobu Hotel and Delano, we suspect.

The Aria is a hotel that you just can't see getting old and tired for at least 20 years. Same as the newer Vegas hotels like the Vdara.

This video shows just how impressive the Sky Suites at the Aria are - don't get jealous, now.

Rating ★★★★★

Aria Hotel Review #2

Hotels like the Aria are the 2000's version of the 90's Excalibur and Luxor - but with 10-20 years of research and understanding of the Vegas vacationer that has gone into how the hotel/casino should look, feel and appeal. Rather than building a 'Luxor' today, a hotel company would build something that looked more like the Aria - and indeed, that's what they did. MGM Group has taken the best features from hotels such as the Wynn and other great hotels of the world and brought them together into what is an excellent place to stay in Las Vegas.

Aria Hotel Review, Las Vegas.
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Places to eat and drink at the Aria:

Not that it's as good as the Wynn, but it's not to be sniffed at, either. Aria is a great hotel and casino with zero faults - but it's not top, top of the range - just one of the top of the 2nd tier hotels in the city (the top tier being the Wynn and Encore). If you understood that last sentence, then you are a better man/woman than me! :)

The Aria hotel and casino is impeccably clean - it looks pretty much just as good as it did in 2009.

The location is excellent, rooms are excellent - how you get around the place is excellent - facilities are excellent with some truly great places to eat, drink and be entertained, but it doesn't have the final, extra, extra touches that you would get at the Wynn and Encore - but don't let that stop you - it's a much cheaper option and if your time in Vegas is spent largely sightseeing, rather than in your own hotel, then it makes financial sense to stay at the Aria over the Wynn.

Brilliant and excellent, but not the Wynn.

Rating ★★★★★

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Las Vegas Aria Roundup

Dining at Aria

Dining on the premises is great with Aria hotel restaurants and Aria buffet in particular highly endorsed by online food reviewers. Buffet price is decent. Aria breakfast choices are decent enough too.

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Aria Room Information

Aria rooms and Aria suites are superb and comfy. The color scheme at this hotel is 'now', beds are very comfy, and bathrooms spacious and enticing.

Inside Aria Hotel

The Las Vegas Aria inside is beautiful with great decor. The Aria lobby is a great place to people watch. If you want to check out the Aria nightclubs or get tickets for shows, the Aria box office is located not too far away. And of course, the Aria wedding chapel is where your happiness could end.

Aria Pool and Spa

The Aria hotel pool is high-grade and Aria spa treatments along with soothing massages are top of the range in Vegas for when you want to spend time before a swim in the Aria pool.

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