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10 Las Vegas Hotels that are Family Friendly

Although many think of Las Vegas as being a place where adults go to play, it is also a city that has many places that are very friendly for the whole family to visit. Here are 10 Hotels that are fun for you and the kids.


Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.Circus-Circus is the best place in Las Vegas to book a night at if you have children. This hotel offers many kid friendly entertainment acts such as juggling, clowns, wild roller skating, as well as a trapeze artist. Here you will even find an amazing indoor amusement park that they have named The Adventuredome. The casino and hotel themselves aren't great shakes, but there's plenty to visit close by.


Excalibur Hotel and CasinoExcalibur is also another very friendly hotel that is fun for the whole family. Here, the hotel is constructed to look just like a medieval castle (on the outside at least), as well as featuring the Fun Dungeon Arcade that is a place that kids love - loads of grabber machines and old arcade games. We love it too.

New York New York

New York New York Hotel and CasinoNew York New York is a very friendly place where you are able to look out your window to find a huge roller coaster, as well as the Coney Island Emporium. Also, a very large arcade that features over 200 games. You're also close to some very kid friendly things like the M&M Factory.


Stratosphere Hotel and CasinoStratosphere is a very imposing, 1,149 foot tall tower structure that features a few very thrilling rides at the very top of the tower and of course it includes the Big Shot which is of course the highest amusement ride in the world.

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay Hotel and CasinoMandalay Bay is a great, friendly place to stay with its famous pool area that appeals to all ages. This is especially true due to its lazy river as well as its Shark Reef Aquarium, which is home to sea turtles, crocodiles, giant rays, piranha, as well as several sharks of course. And kids love sharks. Ours do, anyway.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Hotel and CasinoTreasure Island is a great place to visit due to the fact that you will be able to dine as well as sleep among skulls, pirates as well as much more. Here you will also find an arcade as well as a beautiful swimming pool for all to have fun. Not as kid-friendly as it once was, but still, we have spent time there with our own children in the past few years and have had great times.


Mirage Hotel and CasinoThe Mirage features an exploding volcano right in front for everyone to see. While you are checking in, you are able to enjoy the view of the amazing aquarium that is located right in the lobby. There are also some great things to do all around the hotel that are family friendly, and it's just a stone's throw away from Treasure Island - and not too far away from Circus Circus.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand Hotel and CasinoMGM Grand Hotel and Casino is of course the place to go when it is a pool that makes a difference. Here you will find five very separate pool areas, a winding river as well as much more. Kids love it, but unfortunately, there are no lions anymore to babysit them while you go for a spa day.

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas Hotel and CasinoParis is a very friendly hotel for everyone in the family. Here you will find children racing up the Eiffel Tower in order to get a fabulous view of Las Vegas that will last them a lifetime. There are always lots of families here, it seems.


Trump Hotel, Las VegasTrump Hotel here you will find friendly staff that are eager to please, as well as an outstanding kids program. It’s not just business here, it can be fun as well!

As the editor of this site, I'm just as surprised as you, the reader, that Trump Hotel was included in this list. But, I'm leaving it in as this is what one of our writers argued for! - After some reading of various sources, it turns out that she was right and I was wrong. Who'd have thunk it? Trump Hotel was kid friendly?

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