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10 Best Logos of Las Vegas Hotels

If logo designs are something that you are interested in (and why would you be?), then our collection of the 10 best logo designs of Las Vegas hotels is made for all three of you.

Paris Las Vegas

 Paris Las Vegas

If a logo should make it easy to represent a brand in less than half a second, then there's no better example than Paris Las Vegas' motif which exudes Parisian flair. The depiction of the Eiffel Tower within the logo also helps you to make no mistake of which hotel in Vegas that it refers to when looking at photos of the strip.


Artisan Boutique Hotel logoWe happen to think that Artisan Boutique Hotel has a logo that speaks volumes about what it is. It's naughty, it's irreverent, it's mischievous - and flies in the face of the traditional Las Vegas hotel logo type. We love it.

The D

The D logo

The D marketing team and the company's general attitude to making a splash is something that we really like. It's definitely added something to the Vegas hotel landscape. Each and every new addition is turned into a marketing success - and The D's logo is a thing of modern beauty, too.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale logoVegas, to us, is all about fun and we've looked very hard, and there is no more fun-packed hotel logo than that of Casino Royale. It's always a brief visit to this tiny place, but perhaps its location in the middle of the mayhem is the reason for it being a brand that emulates having a fun time in Sin City.

Signature at MGM Grand

Signature at MGM Grand logoThe Signature is holiday homes to some and short vacation stays for others and perhaps the logo created for this property leans more towards those who took up more permanent residencies in the three towers. You can't deny the sophistication of the logo.


SLS logoSome logos are beautiful due to their simplicity, much like the Signature above, and some logos are beautiful in their complexity and seeing something new or different each time. And that can definitely be said for the logo of SLS Hotel and Casino.

Four Queens

Four Queens logo

The use of negative space on the Four Queens logo, to represent the design on the outside of the building is both clever and beautifully simple in one. We love this one.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

If you've been in space and didn't know about Caesars Palace, its logo would tell you lots about what the hotel would have in store for you on your arrival. Simple, but the gold colors tell you that this ain't know spit and sawdust joint - this is classy all the way thru.


Encore at Wynn logoSimilar in style to the logo of its sister hotel, Wynn, there's something very proud and sophosticated about the Encore logo. It's very confident - definitely the most confident of all Las Vegas hotel logos. It says "I'm here, I've been designed by Steve Wynn, and I'm even better than the things he's done before - come and try me".

Circus Circus

Circus Circus logoThis was probably the toughest choice that we had to make, as there are quite a few contenders to be in this list of 10. However, we went with Circus Circus because of the excellent choice of font, which we feel fits the persona of the hotel more than other logo's do for the properties that they belong to. The Circus Circus logo has a little bit of fun inside it, but also, you know that this is not going to be some 5-star, ultra-clean, ultra-plush palace. It's a very honest logo indeed.

And, for the logo that we think is the very worst of all the Las Vegas hotels, it most surely has to be:

Nobu Hotel

Nobu hotelWe know that the logo existed before the hotel was created, but man does this logo not represent the beautiful hotel that awaits its guests. We hate it!

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