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10 Things To Do in Las Vegas Hotels

If gambling, eating, dancing, drinking, flirting and watching shows has still found you bored, then have a look at quirky these things to do in Las Vegas hotels.

Paris - chocolate tasting

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas offers diners at its HEXX Kitchen + Bar a unique experience since the restaurant makes its own chocolate by hand. You can ask for the tasting menu and enjoy a variety of chocolates made by beans from countries such as Tanzania and Madagascar.

Golden Nugget - shark slide

Golden Nugget Las Vegas For a chance to swim with sharks without the danger, the Golden Nugget Las Vegas and its The Tank Pool can make your wish a reality. Guests can slide down an acrylic slide through its shark tank; landing in the pool below that is separated from a second shark tank below by another thin sheet of acrylic.

Caesars Palace - the ultimate sundae

Caesars PalaceWhether you have a huge sweet tooth or would like to treat your friends, Serendipity 3; located inside Caesars Palace, has the treat for you. The massive Treasure Chest sundae can serve four or more people and comes with: several varieties of ice cream, cookies, berries, and cakes. Just be ready to bring the dough as the sundae costs $99.

The LINQ - cupcake ATM

 The LINQWith the boom in made to order kiosks it should come as no surprise that there are now cupcake ATM's such as the one by Sprinkles at the The LINQ. You simply order the cupcake of your dreams, pay, wait for it to show up in the box, and enjoy.

Palms - walk on air

Palms Casino Resort For those without a fear of heights head to the Ghostbar at the Palms Casino Resort for a walk in the air. The club, which is located on the 55th floor, has a see through floor on its patio. You can look at the city below without fear of falling. It is also a great place to prank your friends if they hate heights.

Stratosphere - jump

 Stratosphere  Casino Hotel & TowerA favorite spot for adrenaline junkies, SkyJump, located on top of Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower's, gives guests a chance to take bungee jumping to the extreme. You leap from 829 feet in the air and reach speeds of over 40 mph. The Stratosphere also has a variety of other thrill rides should you need to amp things up a little more.

The Cromwell - people watch at Giada

The Cromwell

The Cromwell is home to Giada, the first restaurant by television chef Giada De Laurentiis. One of its best features; other than monthly wine series dinners, is the view. Guests can enjoy the bustle of the city below as they enjoy the excellent food.

Bally's - new year experience

Bally's Las VegasIf you ever wanted to experience the thrill of the New Year's Eve ball drop in New York without braving the cold then head to the Grand Bazaar Shops located just outside Bally's Las Vegas. Twice nightly; 8:55 PM to 9:05 PM and 11:55 PM to 12:05 AM, a Swarovski crystal starburst is lowered in New Year's fashion. The Shops also offer over 120 shops to browse to help pass time as you await the drop.

Rio - voodoo zipline

Rio All Suite Hotel & CasinoRio All Suite Hotel & Casino is home to the Voodoo Zipline which sends guests on a loop over 800 feet in the air. Guests travel over 30 mph as the head from one tower to the next; traveling backwards on the return trip to the Voodoo Lounge.

Aria - water art

Aria Las VegasIf you enjoy a nice walk, discovering the various water features located around the Aria Las Vegas is a great way to pass time. One of the most popular is Lumia, one of the largest water walls in the world at 250 ft long and 24 ft tall. Featuring water sparks, color changes, and more it has to be seen to fully appreciate its beauty.

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