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10 Underrated Las Vegas Hotels

Here is a list of ten hotels in Las Vegas that we feel get ignored way too much by new and/or old Vegas tourists. There's some great places in this here town that just don't get the credit that they deserve. Now, some of these hotels may be for some, and not for others, but even so, they all deserve a little more love, don't you think?

Alexis Park

Alexis Park HotelThe Alexis Park All Suites Resort Hotel Is a little bit of an ageing oasis tucked away just far enough away from the strip for you to enjoy peace and quiet, yet close enough for you to say, "lets go and experience the madness of Vegas". Great for business travellers.


SLS Hotel and CasinoThe guys who run the SLS Hotel and Casino try really hard, yet Vegas travellers haven't yet taken it into their hearts - but they will, in time, we think. We cannot put our finger on why it isn't so well regarded or loved, and would love to know why, to be honest.

Experience it before it becomes too big for its boots is our recommendation.


Artisan Hotel If you like not sleeping at the weekends, being debaucherous and seeing topless ladies in the pool, then Artisan has it licked. Literally. Don't go if you don't want fun. Or sleep. Also, take precautions, rubber up - and take plenty of lube. And hand soap. And spare underwear. Get it?


Orleans Hotel and CasinoOrleans is a solid seven at everything it does. That may not sound like a ringing endorsement, but it is. If you want a completely hassle-free stay, mildly enjoy the gambling, entertainment on offer, drinks prices, food, locals and just about everything else, then Orleans is it. It won't overly thrill or overly frustrate you - it'll just be OK - which is rare for Vegas.


Mirage Hotel and CasinoThis is just not seen as cool as other hotels close by any more, yet it's a wonderful place to stay in our opinion, with a great location. Maybe it needs to do something amazing over the next year or so to regain some press and lustre, but to us, its still great and we'll always love the Mirage, even if younger Vegas travellers don't see it that way.


Encore at Wynn Hotel and CasinoWhy is this here, you may say? Because many new Vegas tourists see the Wynn in brochures and online, and think that Encore is just a part of the Wynn, rather than it's own entity. Silly, we know, and most of you guys reading this will think that preposterous. But it's true.

Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon Hotel and CasinoThe Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino has hit the ground running and is already causing mayhem in its own little way. Time will tell if it continues to do so, but it has certainly become an instant favourite of even the most jaded of Vegas gamblers and frequenters.


Palazzo Hotel and CasinoSister property of Venetian, an iconic Las Vegas hotel and casino that even people with no intention of ever staying in a hotel in Vegas know about, just never seems to garner the same recognition. It's the middle child of Vegas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Palazzo in any way whatsoever, and who knows, perhaps it's happy to sit there whilst it's older sister takes all the credit?

Rumor Boutique Hotel

Rumor Boutique HotelAlthough there are rumors (get it?) that the Rumor has lost a little of its lustre recently, we're still fans of the relative secrecy that the hotel has among even regular Vegas-goers. If you don't mind the immediate area surrounding the hotel, it's a pretty decent stay and seemingly always full of quirky guests - and staff. You know who you are, Dillon!

Gold Coast

Gold Coast Hotel and CasinoSimilar in its ambiance to Orleans, as mentioned above, Gold Coast is a hotel that is agreeable in everything it does. When staying or playing at the tables in Gold Coast, it's like you have switched the madness of Vegas off, whilst still enjoying what Vegas can offer, without the headaches and white noise. It gets most things done good-to-well and I don't think I've ever seen anyone have an argument at Gold Coast - even at the cash desk!

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