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Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Secret pizza at Cosmopolitan of Las vegas

For those who enjoy a bit of mystery, The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas has one of the best pizza joints in Las Vegas - if you can find it. Some guests have been lucky enough to stumble upon this secret pizza counter when searching for a restroom.

Entrance to the secret pizza parlor at Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

Thankfully you will not have to depend on such a serendipitous event.

If you take the escalator to the third floor, when you get off you should end up looking at Jaleo. Start walking left and look for the hallway covered in record album sleeves. Follow the corridor all the way down and you will be treated to a slice of cheesy perfection. The picture to the right shows the entrance location so you have no excuse to miss out.

Images courtesy of Yelp and TripAdvisor.

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