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Ten things you didn't know about Las Vegas

This week the Telegraph published an article on the Ten Things You Didn't Know about Vegas. If, like us, you're a Vegas-pro then you may already know that its home to a 'naughty' museum or that it's not actually the capital of Nevada – but if not you might want to check this post out. So, if you want to know where the 'Other Las Vegas is', the best place to go skiing nearby or how old Vegas actually is then keep reading.

North strip hotels making a stake for more visitors

Larry Olmsted, of Forbes, recently posted about the three new Vegas hotels that are heating up the North End of the famous Strip. He mentions that in the past the North End has not had enough there to woo visitors looking to explore more than one spot, however that is about to change with the addition of the new arrivals. Olmsted goes into detail about the new Stratosphere Casino, the city's first W hotel and The Lucky Dragon Resorts World, showing how they are helping the North End of the Strip continue to grow.

Halloween in Vegas - the top attractions

Are you heading to Vegas over the Halloween weekend? If yes, you might want to check out these top Las Vegas Halloween attractions from USA Today. Top attractions include The Magical Forest, Springs Preserve Haunted Harvest, Fremont Street Fright Fest, LINQ Promenade's The Zombie Escape, Crazy Horse III Halloween Party and the Circus Circus Fright Dome.

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