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Review of Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Boulevard

Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino ReviewSweeping, panoramic walkways draw you into a beautifully sculptured billboard to ensure you know you have arrived at The Cosmopolitan. The spectacular entrance captured in a menagerie of posters and giant angular glass, fronting large glass pillars, and walls that advertise technology like art as if reminding guests of this futuristic century. Vast floor space, magnificent ornate ceilings, that lovely heavy silence of opulence, the unique exotic furnishings that rest in prominent and inviting positions, the Cosmopolitan is the extraordinary.

Cosmopolitan Hotel review, Chandelier.
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Stay here with someone who deserves to share your experience. With three crystal blue and perfectly designed pools, one which under a canopy of palms, presents the strip to you in all its evening glamor, while you relax and simply just float through the service and the wonderful activity of the Strip at night-time, or the cheerful consolation of the daytime DJ. Even the other casinos and hotels seem to have been placed perfectly as if for the amusement and delight of the Cosmopolitan guests.

Comparable hotels to the Cosmopolitan Hotel include Wynn, Caesars Palace, Venetian, Palazzo, Aria and Bellagio.

Elegant necklaces drape like cobwebs from the ceilings leading from elevator to hallway to your silent sanctuary that most other hotels would simply call your room. Timber-paneled and marble floors continue that heavy opulence, beautifully positioned lamps and side desks comfort you with wonderful detail, exacting and finely selected. Nothing has been placed or left to chance. The room décor is embellished by the taste of thoughtful designer's comfortable and splendid furniture, from the position of the beds to the open bathrooms and wide dressing areas, to the desk area for those who need to stay connected, up-to-speed and on-time.

A 360 degree view from a room at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas:

A well-stocked bar fridge is ready for those 3am moments when needs must be met. The dishwasher is the perfect touch for those who stay a little longer and want to embrace the basic comfort of home. The manufacture of style and the grace of presence is what this stay is all about. The rooms are cleverly designed for the no-mess, no-stress of getting ready to make the perfect entrance.

The Cosmopolitan provides a quiet abode in which to prepare for an evening, a function, a moment's break from Vegasland, a recharge - whether submersed as two in the beautifully present bathtub or soaking up the energy quietly from your terrace. Everything to hand, everything an involved comfort, the Cosmopolitan wants your stay to be easy - from the check-in on iPads to the smooth express of service. Everything within reach and easy.

Cosmopolitan Hotel review, Las Vegas.
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Which leads you into choice. Ready and relaxed, you now have the opportunity to work your way through five superb bars and lounges, each individual, unique, and with decor to invest time and to indulge the tastes of exotic or plain and familiar. Its all about choice. Night time spectacles of brilliantly lit island bars engulfed with the stunning and the modern. Or ceilings of lavish chandeliers in gorgeous drapes and webs to present a night club just for the inspired. The fine dining of European indulgence dominated with fat, white bricked pillars to break up the fastidious areas of white squares and island dining positioned for ease and group convenience. The detail to be enjoyed in every wall, ceiling and floor. The wild craftsmanship of the bar woods with their embedded patterns, to the deep barriers of lounging sophistication that create peaceful reflection and conversations. As carefully constructed and serviced as the extensive cocktail menu and dining experiences.

Another great 360 degree, panoramic view from the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino:

On the ground floor, there's the heavily-chained artistic décor of the wonderfully exclusive lounge and bar is breathtaking. The highly anticipated Japanese cuisine of Zuma is due to open in 2017, which we are really looking forward to. The complex thrives on moods and taste with the Va Benne café, established with the exquisite atmosphere of the Italiano blitz on traditional coffee, perfectly complimented by The Wicked Spoon, where the menu conjures a more familiar range of seasonal dishes in an atmospheric dining experience of bold square-styled lightning.

Dining options at the Cosmopolitan include:

And still the choice continues on into the hours of indulgence, with a Starbucks embedded with not so traditional art and designs, to a steakhouse, STK, that invokes stylish dining from an age lost to flamboyance and class and a true quality steakhouse in a prestige package to everyones delight. That is, unless you were wanting the sophistication of Rose.Rabbit. Lie. which combines live music with the traditional American menu and bar.

Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino is a five-star property built on Las Vegas Boulevard. Opened up in 2010, it's only six years since the beds were first slept in. Having about three thousand bedrooms, it's known for being one of Las Vegas' biggest hotels. Cosmopolitan is an outstanding place to stay.

Or maybe for the next meal, a move into the Italian imagination of Scarpetta with its ambiance of classical dining and an elegance of thoughtful delicacies. To maybe end in the casual destination of the Overlook Grill with its open-plan dining affair.

The adventure continues into one of discovery. For quiet moments there a thousand quiet corners, for the circle of family or friends a hundred more relaxed circumferences that invoke a little privacy, or for the vibrant, energetic atmosphere of the Sports Bar.

Yet, to give you the detail to any of these areas after the foray you have just endured would quite frankly just spoil your surprise.

Rating ★★★★★

2nd Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel Review

A couple of weeks ago my partner and I visited Vegas for a long weekend. Unsure of where to stay, we asked friends and family for some recommendations and as nobody had a bad thing to say about the Cosmopolitan we booked right away. The Cosmopolitan is known to be one of the Strips most popular hotel destinations, right next door to the Bellagio and only a short walk away from the buzzing city center.

The key things we were looking for whilst on our long weekend included a fitness centre, steam room and a spa. The Cosmopolitan ticked all three boxes and then some, with a pool that overlooks the Strip, a restaurant with a star chef line-up, a triple-decker Chandelier bar and room service to boot!

Pool at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Although there were plenty of amenities at hand, the downside was that some of they were incredibly expensive - a pack of cigarettes at the gift shop cost us $14! Use of the fitness centre and tennis court are including in the price per night, as well as use of the hotels Wi-Fi.

When we arrived we were given the option to upgrade to a room with a view of the Bellagio fountain, so of course we said yes for a small charge of $30 a night. We believe it's definitely worth the extra you pay to upgrade. This put us in a decent sized room on the 57th floor. It had a sitting room, small kitchen area and a bedroom separated by a sliding door, if you wanted to close it all off. The bathroom had both a stand up shower and a soaker tub, however we were not in the room long enough to use the bath during our stay. Overall it was extremely comfortable room and the interior and view were absolutely stunning.

One of the foremost resorts on the Vegas strip, the Cosmopolitan is upscale in the extreme

The casino was not what we were expecting as it was a little bland in comparison to other Vegas casinos. The interior was made of a lot of marble, which meant the noise echoed more than it would normally it made it very difficult to communicate with each other or even concentrate at times. Luckily we were right next door to the Bellagio (and so close to other larger casinos) so it wasn't too much of an issue.

Overall it was a great experience and we would definitely return.

Food on the premises is great as you come to expect in Vegas with Cosmopolitan restaurants and Cosmopolitan buffets in particular greatly regarded by online critics and guests. Buffet price is what you would expect. Cosmopolitan breakfast selections are also recommended.

As frequent visitors to chain hotels, the Cosmopolitan was a welcome change and one we thoroughly enjoyed. The staff were great, the atmosphere was incredible and the views were some of the best I have experienced in Vegas. I don't think we have ever stayed at a hotel in Sin City that doesn't charge you for Wi-Fi (via the resort fee) and although there are a few hidden charges the overall experience is worth it.

Rating ★★★★★

As you can see from the map, The Cosmopolitan Hotel is in the thick of things on the strip, close to Bellagio, Paris, Flamingo, MGM Grand, Aria and more. Review of Cosmopolitan Hotel map

Some other recommended reviews of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas are by The Telegraph, who say "Hip crowds skew toward Generation X and younger", Oyster who state that "The Cosmopolitan has quickly established itself as one of the trendiest spots on the Strip", TravelZork, with their review of The Cosmopolitan Lanai suite and Jennifer's review of a Terrace Studio room at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino on Subscription Box Ramblings.

Comments from fellow guests who stayed at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Great hotel! We had a great view of the city. Our room had quirky wallpaper, glass showers, the BEST pillows ever, and a fun Romance kit to spice everything up. The Pizza restaurant was delicious. Had an all around great time.

I went on a vacation with my husband for our wedding anniversary. We’re glad we chose the Cosmopolitan: the view was the main reason we chose the hotel. We upgraded our room for only $45 and it was worth it. We got to see the fountain from our room and ate at the Wicked Spoon. The restaurant is a good choice for people who like seafood, but we’re not really big seafood fans. The desserts there, however, are soooo good! We had drinks everywhere...really liked the Chandelier bar. The swimming pools were a little small, and the betting minimums at the casino are a little high. Overall this is a LOVELY hotel.

The rooms are very spacious and clean. I went with a friend and we each got a plush bed with big, fluffy pillows. The check in lady who helped us get our room was very fast and super nice, and we were very satisfied with the concierge. The hotel is a casino hotel, but makes you feel like you’re a superstar guest and makes you feel like you’re at home. The pool area is great. We visited the spa, and it was very relaxing and clean. We were happy with the experience.

I had a beautiful stay at the Cosmopolitan. So many Vegas hotels have become crowded, but the Cosmopolitan is a breath of fresh air. It’s open, airy, and chic. It’s the way a Vegas experience should be!

The room I stayed in was nice; it needed a little cleaning. Front Desk and Bell Desk staff were great. Everyone is really friendly here and helpful. I didn’t eat at the restaurants, but I did go to the The Henry and Chandelier bar. It was generally crowded, as it was also on the weekend. The hotel is geared towards younger people and it was very busy. It’s likely because it was on the weekend, but overall, I had a good time!

There was some construction going on when I went, so there was some noise. The casino was really nice and the staff and dealers were great. I got the wraparound terrace suite and the view was awesome and made it worthwhile.

I had the most unbelievable time at the Cosmopolitan! I went for my 21st birthday with my dad and my best friend, and it was amazing! The facilities were brilliant. Eat at Beauty and Essex. Had a fountain view in the West Tower - it was worth the upgrade! I’ll be back again soon. :)

I’ve been to Vegas before, but this was my first time staying at the Cosmopolitan. I really enjoyed my stay. I had a fountain view on the 59h floor, and I had a balcony in the room. The views from the room were incredible. The hotels nice and has a good vibe. I’d describe the other guests as young and sophisticated. The hotel is centrally located on the strip and I’d definitely stay again.

This is a nice part of the Marriott Chain. The rooms are big enough and the front desk staff are friendly. The hotel has amazing restaurants! The restaurants have a lot of good food choices! My recommendation is to get a room that faces the Bellagio Fountains; it’s a really cool view!

Some highlights from our Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino reviews above:

Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel Highlights

Cosmopolitan Inside

The Las Vegas Cosmopolitan inside is plush with lovely design. The Cosmopolitan lobby/check-in is a great area to people watch. If you need to find out more about nightclubs or get show tickets, the box office is located not far away. And Cosmopolitan wedding chapel is where you get hitched.

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Shortly we'll be adding a Cosmopolitan map, sports book layout, hotel booking deals and discounts, a hotel valet parking info and the best hotel deals in Vegas.

Aims for this Guide

An intention of this hotel/casino overview of Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is to give our visitors the best cheap deal offers with discount packages and low room rates, at less than offers on other websites online. At present we're working on improving our discounted show tickets, Vegas coupons, dining coupons, Cosmopolitan spa discounts and resort fee info.

Food Experience at Cosmopolitan Hotel

Eating on-site is great as you come to expect in Las Vegas with Cosmopolitan buffets and restaurants highly recommended by online critics and guests alike. Buffet prices are justifiable and Cosmopolitan breakfast choices are good.

Cosmopolitan Pool

The Cosmopolitan hotel pool is fantastic as you would expect and Cosmopolitan spa facilities including relaxing massages are a great distraction for when you want to spend a few hours away from the pool.

Rooms at Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan suites and rooms are excellent and roomy. Room design at Cosmopolitan is simple and modern, beds are snug, and the bathrooms are substantial and enticing.

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