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Review of Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino Review, Las VegasWe've recently been to stay at the Downtown Grand Hotel (March 2017) and we have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just a short, one-minute (if that) walk to Fremont Street (bringing you out at Fremont and The D hotels), Downtown Grand is close enough to the action, yet just far away enough to be relaxing, if that's what you need after a heavy night on Fremont Street, or over on the Strip.

Downtown Grand Hotel Entrance and Valet - Downtown Las Vegas hotel and casino.

The DTG (we we'll call it this for ease of of writing it over and over) is intimate, cool, pretty funky and 'urban' with a feel that is different to most hotels in Las Vegas. In fact, it reminds of a few of the funky hotels that we have stayed at in Dallas - functional and useful, but also has many touches that catch you off guard, such as the excellent collage of famous paintings on the ceiling of the downstairs bar, just away from the casino floor, next to the reception desk.

Speaking of reception, check-in was a breeze, with only ourselves in the queue, and we were in our room in no time. The room was pretty decent, very clean and modern and just what you would expect from a medium-priced hotel in the city. Not one complaint - only compliments, such as the excellent shower and bathroom, really comfortable bed, loads of electrical sockets and a large TV and great desk area for working from.

Room signs just outside the elevators in the Downtown Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.

After we got ourselves to sleep, having got there late, we woke to go to our complimentary free breakfast (we were given 10 free breakfast vouchers, lasting for the duration of our stay, which we thought was overly generous, but we were very happy with them). The free breakfast consisted of a continental style, with cooked breakfasts not being part of the deal. On the first day, we took the free option and it was more than adequate and was very nice indeed - free or not free.

Hallway of hotel rooms inside the Downtown Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.

Breakfasts are served at the very nice, comfy 'Freedom Beats' restaurant/bar located in the hotel - and the food there was excellent, even if the service was extremely hit and miss. Service ranged from a REALLY disinterested lady server, who we thought was curt and rude to a couple of bumbling, but really nice servers who forgot requests over and over. In all our time in Vegas and in other US cities, we've not encountered service like it - we are a chilled couple - and we weren't even upset, just bamboozled that the service was so untrained. However, I don't want this to seem like a complaining review - it was just strange service, rather than something that upset us - we still enjoyed the excellent food and cool atmosphere.

The casino floor at DTG is tiny and intimate - just 2 roulette tables, a couple of craps tables, maybe 10 blackjack/3-card poker etc tables and that's it - which is a nice break from the casinos on Fremont Street, some of which are huge and hard to play at. We enjoyed a great Saturday night playing various games in a really cool atmosphere with a lounge type singer and some very happy people - drinks were flowing and it was a nice, not too rushed and not too over-the-top evening.

The pool deck, named Citrus, is one of Downtown's hidden gems and if you like sitting by the pool for some of your stay, then you'd be doing well to find a pool area with as many amenities and as clean as Citrus is. It's a huge, rooftop experience with a small-to-medium pool with loads of cabanas and loungers, tons of sectioned-off seating areas and a great bar too - with excellent valet service as you would expect. I cannot tell you in enough words just how great the pool experience is here. At the time that we stayed (March), it was extremely quiet, with maybe 10 people in the area maximum, but I imagine in the summer that it is a buzzing environment.

Pool deck area at the Downtown Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.

Pool and sun loungers at the Downtown Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.

Across the street (that has very few cars traveling up and down it) are a few great places to eat such as the EXCELLENT Pizza Rock - a restaurant and to go pizza parlor with the best pizza we ever tasted - only complaint is that the to go area only has maybe 4-5 pizza types on offer at any one time. Next to this was Sidebar, which is a great bar and food place, Triple George Grill that does amazing sandwiches and next to that is Hogs and Heifers, a biker bar with some great music. Eating and drinking when staying at DTG is excellent - and that includes the 3 inside bars at DTG itself.

Hogs & Heifers Saloon in Downtown Las Vegas.

As for other entertainment, The Mob Museum is literally across the street and the extremely bizarre Gold Spike is across the street in the other direction - I will have to let you explore the Gold Spike yourselves, without spoiling it, such is it's weirdness and 'out-of-placeness' in the area.

But mainly, you'll probably be walking to Fremont Street each day, or taking a cab or Uber (we really recommend Uber over cabs in Las Vegas) to the Strip for your entertainment needs. Fremont Street is buzzing in the evenings, especially at weekends, but can be somewhat laborious in the day when the hawkers try to get you in to their stalls - we really didn't like this. Also, street performers range from incredibly funny and strange to the very worst Michael Jackson impersonator that you ever did see. A Japanese guy that dressed just like MJ but mimed to his hits, but really didn't know the words - strange indeed.

There are some great food places within just a few minutes walk of the Downtown Grand Hotel, that there is too much to choose from, which are mainly located inside other casinos such as the Golden Nugget, Binions and The D - and still our favorite, Denny's which is just around the corner. Some people swear by Nacho Daddy, but we thought it was pretty 'meh'. My wife asked me specifically to mention the nail salon just across the road from DTG called 'Bombshell', where she had some of the longest, purplest nails you have ever seen.

Our time at Downtown Grand Hotel was great and we will most definitely stay again. We have already booked to stay at 'The D' in a few month's time with some of our fellow reviewers, but we may just cancel and re-book at DTG such has been our excellent experience.

Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino Review #2

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Las Vegas and you want to avoid the expense of the Strip, the Downtown Grand is definitely a place to consider. Located just off the 95 South and Las Vegas Boulevard, the Downtown Grand is just one property that has undergone a makeover in recent years. Others hotels and interesting places include The D and Container Park, all as part of an effort to renovate the downtown area and create jobs, as well as draw in more tourism. The Downtown Grand itself is part of a project known as Downtown3rd, a renovation which gave birth to the Downtown Farmer's Market and Pizza Rock. The Downtown3rd is an ongoing project, so this list will continue to expand as time goes on.

Downtown Grand Hotel Review, Las Vegas hotel and casino.

Formerly known as The Lady Luck since 1964, the Downtown Grand opened its doors under its new name in 2013. It features over 600 newly renovated rooms, and a new rooftop pool known as Citrus. The Citrus, much like the nearby Triple George, pays homage to days gone by, with its vintage décor and design. You can order cocktails and light food options at the pool, but for full meals you would have to go indoors. Inside the hotel there are nine restaurants to choose from, but if you walk outside you will find a number of other options within walking distance. Besides the Triple George Grill, Pizza Rock and the Gold Spike are within a block of the hotel in either direction.

Downtown Grand is a three star property in, of course, Downtown. Opened in 2013, it is now three years old. Having about 600 hotel rooms, it's not one of the larger hotels in the city but a good size for the Downtown area. It's an OK place to stay - and there's a small-ish casino on the property for much merriment - and its got a fresh feel about it compared to some other Downtown joints.

The Downtown Grand offers a variety of rooms, from one bedrooms to grand suites, and the prices are reasonable in comparison to other nearby locations. It is important to note that the Downtown Grand has one of the higher resort fees; so if you decide to stay there make good use of the pool and the wi-fi. All of the rooms are beautiful and have a great view of the downtown area. The presidential or "grand" suites offer a perfect venue for birthday parties or office gatherings; they also come at a much more affordable price compared to other hotels, including Main Street and the Golden Nugget.

Visitors to Downtown Grand would also enjoy The D, Four Queens, Fremont Hotel and Golden Nugget - and Gold Coast, too.

Other nearby points of interest include The Triple George Grill and The Mob Museum. The Triple George is one of the oldest operating restaurants in the city, and is well deserving of its four and five star reviews. The Triple George offers something known as "The Made Experience", a dinner and entertainment package that includes a three course meal and tickets to the Mob Museum. However, it's important to note that the Made Experience has a two-person minimum and that reservations are required in advance. The Mob Museum is an absolute must see; it is the only museum dedicated to organized crime in the entire country and includes three floors of collections that tell the history of organized crime in the world and in the United States.

Room layout at Downtown Grand is largely modern and 'current', beds are very nice, and bathrooms are great, with real nice (if smallish) showers.

As far as downtown hotels go, the Downtown Grand is one of the nicest, especially when considering its price scale. It's within walking distance of many other hotels, bars and restaurants and is easy to get to from the highway. The next time you're in Las Vegas, consider staying at the Downtown Grand.

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