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Review of Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas Strip (located at Mandalay Bay)

Four Seasons Las Vegas hotel reviewThe Four Seasons Hotel is one of the best and most recommended places to stay in Vegas among the elite - if you're looking for a hotel with no casino (well, sort of), that is, and is one of the ten most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas according to Forbes. It was awarded AAA/CAA Five Diamond Awards 2016, Condé Nast Readers' Choice List 2015 (#2), Forbes Travel Guide Four Star Awards 2015, and Frommer's Exceptional - so it's got something that the professional reviewers (not us amateurs) like.

Even though we knew that the Four Seasons was part of Mandalay Bay, the way we traveled to the lobby surprised even us Vegas veterans. It was much quieter (and posher) than the rabble than you can get outside of most busy casinos and we still haven't worked out how we got to what is essentially Mandalay Bay without passing their guests and casino goers.

Again, like the Delano, we felt inferior to other guests who were staying at the hotel - they seem to be more affluent, a little older and generally much cleaner than we are. The reason they stay at the Four Seasons, we would assume is the reliance of the brand name, quality of service and its escape-from-Vegas qualities, even though its (just about) on the Strip.

If I was a rich guy with a secret roulette habit and my wife enjoyed luxury, I'd stay at the Four Seasons

There's marble everywhere which is, well, fancy - makes it the kind of place you would stay if you had the money and wanted a little peace and quiet after a night playing roulette with hookers and drinking scotch.

Our room was excellent, we have to say - something very un-Vegas-like about it that we loved. It felt like a swanky room that you'd be staying in New York, maybe, with their 1920s feel. Little did we know that we could bring Bromley and Bella (our dogs) for the stay along with a dog sitting service! We try and not talk about rooms so much on this site, as you end up saying the same thing over and over, but you feel that the designers actually thought about the rooms at the Four Seasons, rather than just filled the place with as many amenities as they could.

That's it, near the top, look.
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PRESS (in capitals) is the swanky place to drink coffee in the morning, even tho it's in the lobby itself with kudos for their stock of English breakfast tea, with which I cannot do without - and kudos to the croissants, too. The same place turns into a bar later in the evening and has an outdoor terrace which is very relaxing and tries its very best to stop you dragging your ass to the strip to lose all of your savings.

We ate at both dinning options, Veranda and Charlie Palmer Steak, both of which were pretty great although for us, Charlie's as we ended up calling it, was a bit dark for our tastes - but thats what rich folk like, I suppose.

Four Seasons non-casino hotel is a 5-star resort situated on the Vegas strip as part of Mandalay Bay. Open for business in 1999, it is seventeen years since beds were first slept on here. Having approximately four hundred rooms, it's tiny compared to most hotels in Vegas and Four Seasons is a preeminent place to stay.

If we were to criticize the Four Seasons Hotel, it would be for where it is on the strip - it takes one hell of a walk to play a game of poker at Caesars Palace, I can tell you - by the time I got there, I needed a three course meal and plenty of water to give me back my energy. But, to regular visitors to a hotel such as this, they won't care about cab fares up and down multiple times a day, so for the real target audience of this plush hotel, I don't think it matters too much where it is, because of the excellent, peaceful and plush surroundings that it offers. And, if you do fall out with your partner, you can head straight for the private elevator down to the Mandalay Bay casino and blow your inheritance.

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