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Gold Coast Hotel and Casino Review - Las Vegas, NV

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las VegasJust down from the Rio, across South Valley View Blvd, and across W Flamingo Road from the Palms Hotel, is Boyd Gaming's Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. For those that haven't been to Vegas before, it's not right in the heart of the action, but not too far away that you cannot feel it. We'd say this is a good location if you're with family and need to get away from them by traveling over to the strip, or Downtown to a strip joint poker game.

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.
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Whilst not a super resort like some of the casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard, this 700-room casino hotel, built in 1986, is something of a locals favorite whilst still having a charm for tourists looking for gentle gambling and entertainment, rather than a hard-party feel. The gaming floor is around 80,000 square feet, so is neither too big or too small to upset any type of visitor - in fact, there is almost nothing offensive about this casino/hotel at all. It seems to appeal to everyone without ever upsetting or exciting anyone too much - and perhaps that's why the locals like the Gold Coast - it's a little like the strip and a little like Downtown, with entertainment such as bingo, bowling, decent pool and some half-baked cabaret and music acts that you will neither love or hate.

Perhaps the least offensive casino and hotel in Vegas!

The theme of Gold Coast is western gambling hall (you may have seen it briefly on Mars Attacks) - we've seen many an older building in Dallas, TX look exactly the same - particularly large Mexican restaurants.

In terms of food and drinks, maybe we're not too expectant of off-strip hotels, but we were happy enough. In August 2016, Gold Coast opened a new steakhouse named Cornerstone, but Ping Pang Pong is definitely the favorite of locals (and us) with a queue seemingly always there.

Food joints are:

Also, there's nothing stopping a casual visit across the road to N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms.

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As for our room, we took a premium room which again was not strip-quality, but not Downtown quality - somewhere just in between, considering what we paid. Someone had obviously had a go at interior design at one time, but we doubt that they were paid top dollar. We were also allowed to look at the deluxe suites for this review, which was just a larger version of our own room and we were told that the 'Luxury Suites' were twice as big again, although we never got to see one.

We happen to think that Gold Coast is one of the most underrated hotels in Las Vegas.

The pool is great at the Gold Coast - I wish I could put my finger on why that is, because there are plenty bigger and bolder elsewhere in various well-known Vegas hotels, but well, we were happy here - in and out of the water. Maybe it was the relaxed nature of the clientele.

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.
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The hotel also has a shuttle service that operates 7 days a week from 09 am to 12:30 am, picks up guests approximately every 30-45 minutes from the hotel's Flamingo Road entrance, dropping off at the High Roller at the LINQ.

We quite liked the Gold Coast - it gave us no problems at all, and was perhaps the least complicated stay we've ever had in a casino hotel and while not our first choice place to stay, if we were able to upgrade to a better room for the price we actually did pay, then it would certainly become more of an option.

Quotes from fellow guests that have stayed at the Gold Coast

Had a lunch at the hotel buffet. The menu was really diverse. We ate the fajitas and the London Broil, which were tasty. I also sampled the Pork chops and Mongolian food. Apple strudel was the best, however!

The hotel is comfortable and has lovely suites. They offer a free shuttle bus to the strip. The hotel is calmer than other hotels on the strip, which is a nice change of pace. We ate at a place called Pang Pong (Chinese food), which was delicious.

We’re from Belgium. My husband and I went last year and stayed at the Gold Coast. It was very nice and close to Las Vegas Boulevard. It is a quiet hotel, and it felt cosy. We had a lot of help from friendly staff (Mary Ann helped us!) You will feel at home and well cared for here. You will want to come back!

I went for my College reunion. It’s not on the strip, but they offer a shuttle every thirty minutes. The Rio is also across from the hotel, so you can walk there to see some of the shows and dancers. Gold Coast is not glitzy like other Vegas hotels, but the rooms are spacious and great! The bed was comfortable, and our room faced away from the street noise, so I slept very well. Curtains block out the sunlight at night. My bathroom was super clean. Restaurants in the hotel offer affordable options. We ate at the buffet mostly and enjoyed the food!

Awesome casino. We stayed for almost a week. The hotel is off of the stirp, but they offer a free shuttle throughout the day. They also have a bowling alley/arena. I enjoyed it! The staff was great. They also offer free WiFi. They’ve done renovations, so it looks clean and newer. The best part is their awesome buffet. It’s reasonably priced and gives a lot of options!

This is a good-value hotel. We stayed for a couple of nights for 4th of July weekend. This is a good option for people on a budget. We checked in very quickly and we got to see the fireworks from our room. We took our grandson, and he enjoyed it as well. It’s a good hotel for families. The Chinese food restaurant was good; the public restroom needed a little attention, but other than that, it was a nice stay. I would come back again!

I booked a room here for my five-year wedding anniversary and to see my Godson. The hotel is located off the stip, but it was convenient for me, because I was also there to see family who lived close by. I was greeted by friendly staff the entire time. They always went above and beyond to make sure our stay was as comfortable as possible. It’d give this hotel an A+ for customer service!

Went to Las Vegas to play in a poker tournament held at the hotel. My Room was comped, and I stayed for three nights. The rooms are very clean and well-kept. The maid service was excellent. I have no complaints about the hotel; the casino was great too. I enjoyed my stay.

We went one afternoon to play bingo. The hotel is a lot bigger than it looks. The casino is clean and bright, and a lot better than other places nearby. Bingo was a lot of fun and you get free drinks while you’re playing!

This is a well-run property! I stay here once a year to attend a conference and enjoy every visit. The room service is great, and there is clearly great management running this place. The staff is always accommodating and easy to access if you have questions. The rooms are exceptionally comfortable. Pong Pang Chinese restaurant has a huge menu with a lot of offerings. Everything is reasonably priced here. There are only ten floors, so it’s not overwhelming, but large enough to give you space. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone who visits Las Vegas regularly.

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