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Review of Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, Downtown, Las Vegas

Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, Downtown Las VegasMy wife and I recently visited Vegas for a long weekend. We are pretty local and visit Vegas often, so we stayed at the Golden Gate as we didn't plan on spending much time in the hotel itself. It was a much more affordable option in comparison to some of the larger hotels, the obvious downside being that it's not located on the main strip.

The woman working at the check in desk was lovely, considering we arrived much later than expected on the first night. I was unsure if they'd keep our room for us as we've heard horror stories of people losing their room after a certain time, however they reassured us that as we had called ahead to say we were running late everything would be fine. We were pleasantly surprised to see when we got there that parking was free.

We booked a single queen room, which is apparently the smallest one. I admit it was a bit smaller than I was expecting, but in the end it did us just fine. The only thing I'd say was a little disappointing about the room was the fact there was no desk. My wife usually does her makeup while sat at a dressing table, so it was quite difficult for us both to get ready at the same time with just one surface in the bathroom.

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Other than the lack of desk/surface everything else about the room was great. It was comfortable, the air conditioning worked without fail (a rarity in Vegas!) and the cleaning crew did a perfect job each morning. Well worth the money we paid, if not a little better. We had heard a couple of people complaining they were located opposite the Fremont St Experience, so luckily we were on the quitter side of the building and had three great nights of sleep.

One of the nights we decided to visit the Casino before we headed over to The Strip, however, we were less than impressed with the service we received. One of the main reasons we visit Vegas casinos so often is that you get a free flow of drinks, however, we were there a total of two hours and only received one drink. We tried to see if we could find a bartender but we were told they were very short staffed, so we would have to wait.

Overall I would say this is a great hotel if you're looking for a boutique place to stay, or if you don't plan on spending much time in your room. The whole experience was pleasant, minus the visit to the casino on our second night. I'd recommend sticking to The Strip and the mainstream casinos, as I don't think we were the only couple with complaints about the bar service there.

Another Golden Gate Hotel Review

Last week my partner and I visited Las Vegas for the week. As we’re from the east coast we had never been before so we saved for months to be able to afford one of the cheaper, budget hotels. Knowing we were sacrificing a spot on the strip for more spending money in the casinos, we didn’t really have high expectations for where we were staying, however we were pleasantly surprised.

As it was booked through Groupon I think we paid $12 each per night plus a resort fee of $22, making it around $250 each for our whole stay, not including flights. Considering you pay that a night at the Bellagio we were pretty impressed price wise.

The worst part of our entire stay was the location of room as we were on the Fremont St side and even with our windows shut you could still hear music late into the night. This wouldn’t be so bad if you were into the party scene and staying out until the early hours, however, we were home before 1am most nights. Half way through our trip we asked if we could change to a room on the opposite side of the hotel but due to us booking through Groupon this wasn’t allowed, which is understandable.

The location of the hotel is okay (great if you enjoy the Downtown vibe) however we found that a lot of the time our Uber and Lyft drivers mistakenly took us to the Golden Nugget rather than the Golden Gate and we were none the wiser until we got there.

When we arrived there was a small issue regarding finding our booking, which I think may have been down to the fact we booked it through Groupon. The situation was handled well in the end by the front desk staff and they even offered us a complimentary bottle of wine for all of the trouble. Of course we happily accepted!

Both the room and bathroom were pretty small in comparison to other hotels we have stayed in, and as we didn’t plan to spend a lot of time in the hotel we were not too bothered by this and quickly got used to the size. One thing I will mention is that the toilet is in an awkward place right behind the door so it made the bathroom feel incredibly cramped. The hot water was also extremely temperamental and I couldn’t seem to get the right temperature at all during my stay.

We only visited the casino a few times before heading to the strip, but from what we saw it had a good vibe and the music was always good. We thought the drinks were a little expensive at Prohibition, which is why we would only ever spend an hour tops here before moving on to somewhere else.

Overall for the price paid I can’t complain, however if I wasn’t booking through Groupon and paying only $12 a room I don’t think I would stay again. I’d be more interested in staying somewhere a little quieter as we don’t tend to stay out late.

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