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Review of Harrah's Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard

Harrah's Hotel and Casino Review, Las VegasI regrettably let the bargain prices of the rooms at Harrah's Hotel and Casino sway me into staying for a second time! After a poor experience the first time you would have thought I'd have learned from my mistake! Hey everyone deserves a second chance, right? Plus the hotel location is convenient to all major attractions.

It all started from the get go; my front desk experience was disappointing and lengthy. The queue to check in was extremely long and with only two clerks to help dozens of people it didn't appear as though it would diminish quickly, we headed to the self-check in kiosk instead but still no luck. We received an error message which was directing us back the front desk because there were no standard rooms available (I didn't understand why, especially when we were checking in at 6pm in the evening) we were told to return in half an hour to see if there was a solution, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat. We went to the Fulton street food hall to the burger bar which wasn't completely awful (but I was already in a bad mood). When we returned to the front desk the rooms were still not ready but thankfully to solve the problem the check in clerk offered to upgrade us the a renovated room.

Harrah's Hotel and Casino is a 3/4-star resort with its location smack bang in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. Opening its doors in 1992, it is twenty-five years old now. With 2,700 guestrooms it's known as one of Las Vegas' larger places to stay at, even though it has now lost a lot of its lustre. A just about OK place to stay if you want center-strip on the cheap - and there's an ample-sized casino on the property as well as all the fun in the neighboring hotels and casinos.

Having stayed in one of the out-dated and dirty rooms on my last stay it was a welcomed change to stay in one of the newly renovated rooms. The room was very well done, but missing an in-room fridge. There's no fan in the bathroom meaning steamed mirrors, and not enough pressure in the water system to get a good shower or a clean shaving razor at the sink. Unfortunately, I think that so much more could have been done with the renovation and maybe by paying a little more to stay somewhere like the LINQ I could have got these little touches.

For some reason, the entertainment was missing in action and I just wasn't feeling staying in the hotel for too long. This meant going elsewhere for a good time, however, at the very least this did highlight that the location of the hotel was brilliant as it was only a short walk to loads of other hotels and casinos as Vegas regulars will know.

All in all I enjoyed my stay in Vegas and because Harrah's is in the middle of the strip it has good walking access to the sights and sounds. They definitely have a little work to clean things up and provide a smoother check in/out experience. I don't think I will return Harrah's for a third stay. However, with the renovated rooms and the good location I would recommend it if you don't mind missing out on the little touches and want a bargain price.

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