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Luxor Hotel Review - Las Vegas' Iconic Pyramid Shaped Casino and Hotel

Luxor Hotel and Casino ReviewOh man, we do not like the Luxor Hotel and Casino - never have and never will. We've tried a few times over the years to like it, especially when visiting with friends, but it has just never clicked with us. Perhaps we dislike it because non-Vegas people think that it looks amazing on TV shows, or in magazines and adverts - and we have to say that it does look impressive - until you go, that is. Yeah, yeah, that beam of light is great, and the Sphinx is cool(ish), but that's no reason to book a vacation now, is it (oh, it is, as confirmed by the thousands of Vegas virgins that book it largely for these reasons).

How many stars is Luxor hotel in Las Vegas? - we give it 2 stars, but other sites such as TripAdvisor give it between 3 and 4 (unbelievably).

It's relatively new, being built in the early nineties, but we can see a major rebrand or rehash coming for the Luxor - not sure how it will take shape, but for sure, it will not be the Luxor how we know it in 5-10 years time.

The Luxor Casino and Hotel is, well, bad...really bad.

The rooms of the Luxor have been renovated since we last visited in 2014, but they would have had to really gone for it to replace what were spacious but crappy places to stay in - old, tatty, featureless and boring! Stark is the word that comes to mind and stark and Vegas are not good bedfellows. So what, they're cheap, but for the spin of a roulette wheel, you can stay somewhere much nicer up the strip. For some reason, they built 4,400 of the damn things to punish tourists. However, if you are looking for Las Vegas hotels deals with room quality not being top of your requirements, you'll likely to get a good deal at the Luxor.

The giant Sphinx outside the Luxor Hotel.
 Photo Credit: Lorenzo Bl cc

Luxor's casino floor is a large (120,000 sq ft) but is seemingly always populated with beginner gamblers and Vegas virgins, which makes for awful games of poker and mind-numbing decisions made at the blackjack tables. As you can tell, we cannot stand the place. But maybe we are missing the point about the Luxor - perhaps its an amazing place for those Vegas virgins to get to know Las Vegas and all of its charms? Maybe photo opportunities next to the Sphinx are what memories are made of for those that will never return to the city and vacation at iconic places all over the world in the future. Maybe we are wrong about the place, although I doubt it.

Similar hotels in terms of quality to the Luxor Hotel include Excalibur, Circus Circus, Stratosphere and Tropicana.

We do struggle with positives about the place, but there are four pools (whoop!) if you want to get wet and Criss Angel is a great way to stop your gambling habit (after you've cried yourself to sleep for attending the show) - and then there's Carrot Top...actually these positives aren't even positive - we hate Carrot Top, too.

Luxor Hotel and Casino is a two star hotel stationed on the south end of the Las Vegas strip. Opening the doors to its pyramid in 1993, it is twenty-three years since the beds were first badly made in the sparse, underwhelming rooms. Having approx. four thousand, four hundred bedrooms, it's known for being one of the city's biggest hotels and is certainly not the best hotel in the world, despite it looking quite cool to those who have not visited Vegas yet

We hate the Luxor. It's crap. Please re-brand it, or implode it, Mr. MGM and build something fun there that doesn't sully the great Las Vegas strip. Please.

However, here is some bite-sized information from our Luxor Hotel and Casino review notes:

Rating ★★☆☆☆

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