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Review of Main Street Station Hotel and Casino, Downtown Las Vegas

Main Street Station Hotel and Casino Review in Downtown, Las VegasI have visited Vegas several times and my 'go to' hotel is always Main Street Station in Downtown Las Vegas (call me cheap, or a sucker, I don't care - this place has been good to me). A lot of people will say that the hotel can be very hit and miss, but considering the price you pay it's not bad at all.

My most recent visit was a couple of weeks ago for a long weekend over the Christmas period and once again Main Street Station did not disappoint.

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One of the main reasons I go back every time is because I believe the casino is the most fun in Downtown Vegas despite its size and now that it has been recently remodeled it’s even better. The staff are always really friendly and there is never a long wait for drinks, especially in comparison the casinos on the strip. It’s hard to spend longer than a few hours there but it’s perfect for a starting point before heading to out for the day or night.

The hotel itself is also great value for money and I never have a problem with checking in. The front desk are always really helpful and if you have any issues they are happy to help.

I’ve always had a standard room however they are surprisingly big with good air conditioning, a big TV and clean bathroom and bedding. The beds are comfortable and I have never had a bad night’s sleep staying here, although sometimes it can get a little noisy and rowdy in the corridors, but the hotel can’t be blamed for that. We sometimes end up with a room on the freeway side of the building but I have never had any issues with noise, which isn’t the same with other hotels close by.

The location is also great as it’s not far from Fremont St. and The Cal is connected via a sky walk so it’s a nice, easy walk to other spots. There isn’t a pool at Main Street but being directly connected to use the pool at California.

The only bad thing I have to say about Main Street Station is that the buffet isn’t the best. The food always seems to be either too greasy, salty or too sweet. It is quite reasonably priced but I think you are getting what you pay for and there are plenty of other great places to eat in the area that are actually worth the money. I stopped eating there some while back now.

Overall I would recommend Main Street to anyone looking for a friendly budget hotel in Downtown. It’s easy to get to the elsewhere, the rooms are a great size and the levels of customer service are really good for the price you're paying. Plus, there is no resort fee and check out isn’t until midday - perfect!

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