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Mirage Hotel and Casino Review

Mirage Hotel and Casino ReviewWhen mirage opened in 1989, it set standards for the new era of the luxury resorts on the famous Las Vegas strip. The Mirage boasts of over 3000 rooms and one of the biggest casinos in the world housing about 100,000 square foot area. If that was not enough, the Mirage also houses the one of the world's best artificial volcanoes - a visual treat to the naked eye. The list does not stop here; you will also get to see dolphins, while lions, numerous waterfalls and more. In this overview, we try to review the features and amenities you will experience at the Mirage.

The Check-In - The Mirage houses one of the biggest and high-end check-in lobbies you must have seen in your entire life. It is really big and humungous and the reason for this the resort gets painstakingly busy during peak seasons and the designers of the resort have accounted to this exceptionally well. That is the exact reason why you will find a massive aquarium as the walls of the reception so you don't have to bore yourself in a busy reception counter. The beautiful and exotic fish will mesmerize you as you wait for your turn to check in.

The rooms are splendidly modern and demonstrate a vibrant design throughout. The bed is very comfortable and each and every room is equipped with a handy iPod docking stations. The standard room have relatively small bathrooms which may give the overall room extra space but makes it impossible for two people to get ready at the same time. However,if you upgrade to a grand tower king room you will find spacious bathrooms and bigger rooms as well. Either of the ways you will find fancy marbles forming the floors and walls of the bathrooms, giving you the luxury feel. You can also see fine work of light strips inbuilt into the mirror face, which leaves the bathroom clean and without any external light fixtures sticking out of the walls. It is an awesome piece of architecture there. The mirage is centrally located and has a "Y" shape to the hotel structure, as a result,each and every hotel room has a direct view of the pool, the volcano, and the entire Las Vegas strip.

So let's talk about that volcano.

The volcano in front of the Mirage is one of the famous landmarks and also one of the must see attraction if you are in Vegas. The show starts at 8 pm and is repeated every hour until midnight.The volcano shoots water and fire into the air.The fire is real life and if you are managed to find a spot in the front you will really feel the heat . The spray of water and fire is choreographed and synced with music leaving a breathtaking visual impact to your eyes and ears.

There is a ton of restaurants and bars and you name the cuisine and I am sure you will find one here. When I say a ton of them, I literally mean it, because technically you will never want to leave the resort during the entire stay as you can get anything and everything you want to eat or drink.

On the price front, however, this mega-resort falls in the top of the mid-level resorts or to be precise it falls on the lower end of the luxury resort. So its affordable guys,you do not need to pay an arm and a leg to enjoy this world class man-made paradise on earth.

Rating ★★★★☆

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