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A review of the Nobu Hotel in Las Vegas

Nobu Hotel review, Las VegasWith a celebrity like Robert DeNiro involved in the design and development of the hotel, expectations should be high. The Nobu Hotel and Restaurant meets those expectations and more thanks to the skill of chef and hotel namesake Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa and designer David Rockwell. When it opened in 2013, the Nobu Hotel and Restaurant expanded on a growing theme in Las Vegas of separate levels of luxury within established resorts. Located in Caesar's Palace Casino Resort, Nobu is really a separate world compared with the nearly 4,000 other rooms at the Palace.

Perhaps the most surprising detail about the Nobu Hotel and Restaurant is just how few rooms are available, 181. This is almost unheard of in Las Vegas but just adds to the appeal of staying at an exclusive hotel. With elevators that require a room key to access, guests are allowed the chance to avoid random casino dwellers disrupting the luxurious Japanese inspired setting. Though you might think that such an exclusive nature would mean the price would be outrageous; that is not the case. Deluxe rooms start at $159 while suites jump up sharply to an average of $670-$2,670 for a penthouse suite. If you want a true VIP experience then you can check into the amazing Nobu Villa located on the roof. It doesn't come cheap $35,000; but includes limo service to and from the airport, personal chefs, a zen garden, and one of the best views of The Strip.

Nobu is a 5 star venue located on the Vegas strip (inside Caesars Palace). Open for business in 2013, it is three years of age. With approximately two hundred rooms, it's not huge for Las Vegas, but Nobu is a remarkable place indeed.

While there are numerous restaurant options to dine at in the main area of Caesar's Palace, when you stay at Nobu you should try the Nobu Restaurant first before venturing out. Featuring many of the popular fusion dishes that Chef Nobu has made famous as well as rare sakes to enhance the meals. Freshly imported ingredients from around the world only add to the amazing dishes. Must try dishes include: Black Cod, Yellowtail Sashimi, Japanese Snapper, Rock Shrimp Tempura With Creamy Spicy Sauce, and Vanilla Miso Tart. However, if you'd prefer other options then Caesar's Palace is home to: Old Homestead Steakhouse, Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill, Rao's, Mr Chow, and Searsucker to name only a few.

As you would expect, Nobu restaurant, within the hotel itself, features in our 10 best Las Vegas hotel restaurants roundup.

Due to its location in Caesar's Palace, Nobu Hotel and Restaurant gives its guest an opportunity to see some of the biggest entertainment acts in Las Vegas. Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Rod Stewart, and Jerry Seinfeld are just some of the options available. Nobu Hotel and Restaurant guests also have access to the absolutely massive 166,000 sq ft of gaming space at the casino in Caesar's Palace. With 196 table games there is no shortage of seats for: Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, and many other classic games. If video poker or the slots is more your flavor there 1,370 machines available to try. The casino also contains a sportsbook but one of its greatest features is its poker rooms. With daily tournaments and occasional WSOP events as well as private tables it has the action professional and novice poker players could desire.

If you want an opportunity to live the life of a celebrity then Nobu Hotel and Restaurant is one of the few choices that won't empty your wallet. You can book a relatively cheap room for an unmatched level of quality or splurge and truly live experience the high society life. With an amazing atmosphere and exceptional restaurant Nobu Hotel and Restaurant; though one of the newest hotels in Las Vegas, is sure to become guest favorite.

Rating ★★★★★

Nobu Hotel - Serenity with a capital "S"

An intimate hotel in the land of excess, hardly conceivable but true. Here is an oasis of calm and serenity in the heart of local maelstrom. The alliance of Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert de Niro for their first hotel is certainly an attempt. A stroke of genius? Well, not that far.

You just need to go past the beautiful backlit onyx panel to leave the halls of Caesars Palace, its clanking slot machines and howls of craps players to enter the serene world of Nobu. At the small reception, a young man and a young woman, equally calibrated, welcomes you, check you in on the iPad and shoo!

Nobu Matsuhisa is one of the most famous chefs in the world. His recipes are delicious, healthy and original. The partner of Nobu is no other than Robert de Niro himself. They wanted a boutique hotel that is the embodiment of refinement and originality, with its own lifestyle. To do this they Japanized tower at Caesars Palace.

Location It is hard to beat this: Nobu hotel occupies the heart of Caesar Palace,itself at the heart of, or maybe the heart of,the Strip. Such an exceptional location!

Attractions Nobu is not your average hotel. It has no real reception, no hall, no breakfast room, not the least common part. You hardly got off the elevator to find yourself in the deep end of the casino. Yet as a Nobu guest, you can go to the pools of Caesar, a stones throw away, the gym, the huge Spa that part of which has been reserved for “Nobu” treatments consisting of traditional massages based on a Japanese red bean. You may consider stopping by the very popular nightclub “Pure” or “Colisseum Theater”. The advantage of Nobu is that there are only 180 rooms, making it the smallest hotel on the Strip. So it's decidedly intimate. It starts with the valet to whom you announce the magic word: Nobu. Then you got a feel of what makes Nobu unique. After your first night, the staff will start greeting you by your name...unimaginable in Las Vegas!

Rooms The 180 rooms are spread over 6 floors. Spacious and,not overlooking a street, they are quiet with quality beds and plush linens,light wood furniture, stylized calligraphy on the walls, and patterned carpet. Some prints and engravings on the walls convey the Japanese spirit of the place. There's a large leather sofa and wooden coffee table as an office. The bathroom is big as well;in the shower there's a wooden stool; a large deep bowl-shaped sink, and a wooden ladder to put towels. The toilets are Japanese, obviously. The Internet is fast but paying. Air conditioning is effective, maybe too much, and individually adjustable.

Chef Nobu’s Succulent Cuisine Obviously this what it's all about in the first place. The Nobu restaurant which is adjacent to the hotel is a pinnacle of gastronomy: Plentiful sushi dishes made in front of you at the bar, or the must-try of the house: the black cod miso or exceptional desserts - all is passionately prepared, eye-catching, and tatse bud-pleasing. It is expensive but definitely worth the shot. As for breakfast, it's served in the room, excellent, refined and served in less than 20 minutes - nothing short of a record in Vegas.

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