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Renaissance Hotel Review - Las Vegas

Renaissance Hotel Review, Las VegasOK, for this review, we're going 'upper class' to suit the grandeur of the hotel. Situated adjacent to The Las Vegas Convention Center, the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel offers warm hospitality, deluxe amenities and exceptional service. When one thinks of Las Vegas, one of the first things that comes to mind is 24-hour casinos, gambling and showbiz. However, the Renaissance offers quite the opposite.

Renaissance Hotel, Las Vegas.
Marriott's excellent Renaissance Hotel, near the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This modern designed, boutique luxury hotel draws you away from the hustle and bustle of typical Las Vegas in that it is the largest smoke free, non-gaming hotel in the area. Enjoying a prime location for business travelers, being next to the Convention Center and a spritely walk to the Las Vegas Strip (and three miles from McCarran International Airport like every other hotel in the area claims), this 4-diamond hotel is also within walking distance of the monorail station to get you from MGM Grand and back.

Renaissance non-casino hotel is a 4 star venue with its location off the strip, close to the Convention Center. Opened in 2004, it's now twelve years of age. With five hundred rooms, it's small for Las Vegas but a pleasant hotel to stay in - and of course, there is no casino here, making it a favorite among Las Vegas business travelers.

Rising 14 floors above the glitz and glamor, it is an exceptional business (and leisure) destination. The Renaissance features chic and modern rooms (ours was very smart indeed), with over 500 large-to-very-large rooms along with 30 luxurious suites, all with brilliant, natural lighting with some rooms having stupendous views that are wasted on business travelers with their eyes firmly glued to their IBM Lenovo Thinkpads.

The hotel is equipped with sleek and stylish amenities to help to distract you from the Strip such as big TVs, hot tub with spray jets and separate walk-in bathtub and shower, home theater system and decent desks. Maybe it was a lucky time, but we've never had Vegas internet speeds like we had at the Renaissance over our 2-day stay (although we did pay).

If business is your thing in Vegas, then Renaissance hotel is a very suitable place for you to build your plans of attack from.

The rooftop pool was really nice and we felt really pampered up there in the baking heat. Staff were very attentive as you would expect. If I could have only got them to fetch me some spare underpants from my room, I would have been in heaven. As it was, I wasn't in heaven due to severe chaffing, so my wife went for me instead and after a quick change of undergarments, I was back in bliss, lounging in the sun.

Food-wise, we only ate at ENVY Steakhouse during our stay, which was really top-notch and is such a cool place to eat - cool in terms of the decor and cool in terms of getting out of the heat. Pretty sumptuous place to eat.

There's quite a few meeting rooms at The Renaissance and there were a gazillion meetings and business chats going on in the lobby which means that there must have been a big business thing going on in town - which, these days, is almost every day.

If business is your main function in Vegas and your business leads you to the north end of the strip, then the Renaissance is a great hotel - better than you may expect, considering the temptations not too far away. I'm due to attend an event in March 2017 at the Convention Center and this is top of my list of hotel destinations (unless I get 'comped' by that nice Mr. Wynn).

Rating ★★★★☆ (for business users - take off a star for non-business tourists)

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