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Review of Signature at MGM Grand Hotel

Signature at MGM Grand Hotel ReviewThe Signature hotel is a joint collaboration between MGM Resorts and Turnberry Associates. Announced back in 2003, the luxury towers officially opened their doors to visitors on May 12, 2006.

Positioned "just off the Las Vegas strip and right next door to the MGM Grand" (well, that's BS because we timed it at a 7 minute walk along the moving walkways), The Signature at MGM Grand is an all-suite spot (get it?) for the more casual vacationer. Great for families, young couples and newlyweds on their honeymoon, The Signature maintains a smoke-free environment and lacks a casino - unless you do that 7 minute walk for your dice fix.

The Signature at MGM Grand Condo-Hotel towers, Las Vegas.
The Signature at MGM Grand towers.

Instead, the hotel's main purpose is relaxation and togetherness which makes sense as it's a condo-hotel, with many landlords renting out their place to MGM, allowing them to make money while they are in some other city (for some unknown reason). There is definitely a community/homely feel to the place (tower 2 where we were, anyway).

Compared to the typical grandeur of most Last Vegas hotels, The Signature emphasizes comfort and tranquility (although it's still very grand). We see this in the prominent use of earth-toned colors for its suites, vivid floral displays along its hallways, and a spacious brown lobby that inspires peace and calm through its gleaming marble floors etched with swirling, tendril-like contours. The hotel consists of 3 towers, 1728 rooms (although not all are available to rent), 3 heated swimming pools, massive private suites with their own kitchens and appliances, and balconies which offer panoramic views of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.

Hotel amenities include:

Rooms vary from junior suites and two-bedrooms to lavish deluxe suites, but they all have one thing in common: luxury. Guests can expect to be pampered with large beds, soft linens, giant pillows, kitchens loaded with designer appliances, marble bathrooms, and round-the-clock concierge service.

If you like the 'suite life' and a little romance, then the 7 minute walk from the MGM casino will give you plenty of time to iron out your arguments, so that you can make it up to her.

Rather than the ultramodern or themed look of some Las Vegas hotels, The Signature opts for a more sophisticated tone. With earthy-colored walls, plush carpeting, and beds with padded-leather headboards, even the smaller rooms measure in at over 500 square feet, while the bigger, more expensive options come with fully-equipped kitchens as well as enclosed bedrooms for greater privacy.

Plus, step-out balconies offer exhilarating views of the Mohave desert and mountains beyond, while at night the glittering lights of Las Vegas come alive before your eyes (especially after 8 vodkas).

Room amenities include:

Optional amenities include:

With all these useful amenities and features, The Signature appeals most to families, young couples, the elderly (like us), or newlyweds. And since there's no casino, it's a perfect place to bring your kids.

While The Signature lacks a proper restaurant, it's home to a takeout deli, Starbucks, and a bar. But if it's food you're worried about - whether for a romantic date with your significant other or a family get-together - don't be - you're in Vegas, you dumbass - there's amazing food joints in every direction (as long as it's the direction towards the strip).

The towers house a gym, and heated pools as you would expect from high-end Vegas. Each tower also has cabanas and cocktail services by the pool.

Regardless of health or mobility, the hotel provides every individual convenient access to rooms and services. These rooms feature accessible bathrooms and roll-in showers which just require a special request prior to booking. The Signature is also a proud affiliate of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association and welcomes all guests from the LGBT community - which is not that well served in Vegas, even today, with the one, paltry LGBT club on the strip, pah!

[Recommended by Forbes Travel Guide 2016 and named one of the most romantic hotels in Las Vegas][e39], The Signature is a perfect getaway for anyone seeking romance or relaxation. Forget the casinos (OK, maybe the odd game of poker is allowed).

Rating ★★★★☆ (if a walk is acceptable for you to enjoy the strip, then this is one of Vegas' best places to stay in, especially for families or those who have just made the mistake of getting married).

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