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A review of the Venetian Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip

Venetian Hotel and Casino ReviewThe Venetian Las Vegas is located on the famous Strip. It was opened in 1999 and has 4,049 rooms and suites on 36 floors, which makes it the second largest hotel in the world. It includes a casino and the hotel design follows its name and resembles famous landmarks of Italian Venice, such as the Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Piazzetta di San Marco, St Mark's Campanile, the Lion of Venice Column as well as the Column of St Theodore and the Rialto Bridge. The hotel includes the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum collection display. There is a wedding chapel in the Venezia tower which was opened in 2001. An alternative to the Vdara, Aria, Bellagio, Wynn and hotels of that ilk.

Vegas lounge singer and legend, Tony CliftonThis review has been created by a special guest, Tony Clifton, legendary Vegas lounge room singer. Take it away, Tony.

"Yah, Yah, Yah, what is this website, anyway? Hotel reviews? How much am I getting for this? Is it in cash or liquor? Just go to a hotel and if you don't like it trash the room, puke, what do I care? Yah, Yah, Yah. Who cut the cheese in here? Stinks!

"I played the Sands, that's the real name of the 'ven-eeeeeeeeeee-shan' - to me, it will always be the Sands. I used to play here with all the greats - Elvis, Sinatra, Manilow and some Brit comedian called Bernard Manning, boy was he funny - looked like a big dog tho - only the disabled hookers would spend any time with him. Sinatra, Elvis, Sammy all looked up to me and asked me for career advice - and blow. I called the shots.

Venetian Hotel and Casino Review, Las Vegas Strip

"I had the pick of the floozies backstage at the Sands when Vegas floozies were floozies, not these clean, skinny chicks they have now with the plastic cheeks and hair. When I slap a girl for giving bringing me bad liquor, I want her face to know it's sorry! Baaaaah! I miss those days, now they got the unions and the pimps - and the credit card machines in their purse. I moved on to the Venezuelan chicks now, they don't try anything funny.

Gondola and Lake at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas.

"Yah, I played the Sands, I played most of the rooms in Vegas. I'm still a face round here. They know me. I never played the Venetian tho - I wouldn't step on their lot. I made that part of the strip the place to be, then they tear it down and don't put a statue of me there. Schmucks. By the time that had opened, I was too busy playing full soccer stadiums in Central America - those Mexicans get it, they know a good tune. If they stopped eating all that crap they eat, they'd be good people. And crap less.

The Venetian is in our list of best party hotels in Las Vegas.

Enough now. Is that enough about the 'ven-eeeeeeeeeee-shan'? Got your review? Where's my money? I'll sue you and take down this website, this ain't no Scott Roeben job. He's an artiiiste, like me! You'll never see this face here again!"

Ok, er, thanks, Tony.

"Wait, if I could say just one thing?"

OK, go on

"If I have made just one person happy with this review, then I've done my job."

So, there you are, our review of the Venetian hotel and casino on the Las Vegas strip, on what used to be the Sands.

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